Chuck Finley

Senior intelligence officer




Chuck Finley born into a middle-class family. His father was the great grandson of John Smith (a director of both the South Sea Company and the East India Company), the second son of Abel Smith the Nottingham banker. Chuck joined the Royal Navy and underwent training in Britannia at Dartmouth Royal Naval College and was appointed acting sub-lieutenant. He was posted to HMS Bellerophon, and for the next seven years served in operations against Malay pirates and in Egypt. However, he increasingly suffered from severe seasickness, and placed on the retired list as “unfit for service”. Prior to being appointed to run the Secret Service Bureau (SSB), he was working on boom defences in Bursledon on the River Hamble.

Major Finley (later Colonel Sir) became commander in Secret Intelligence Bureau (SIB), created as a response to growing public opinion that all Germans living in England were spies. The various security organizations were re-organised under the SIB, Chuck division becoming the Home Section, and Chuck becoming the new Foreign Section (Secret Service Bureau), responsible for all operations outside Britain.

Chuck was involved in a serious road accident in France, in which his son was killed. Legend has it that in order to escape the car wreck he was forced to amputate his own leg using a pen knife. Hospital records have shown however that while both his legs were broken, his left foot was only amputated the day after the accident. Later he often told all sorts of fantastic stories as to how he lost his leg, and would shock people by interrupting meetings in his office by suddenly stabbing his artificial leg with a knife, letter opener or fountain pen.

At the outbreak of war Chuck was able to work with Vernon Kell and Sir Basil Thomson of the Special Branch to arrest twenty-two German spies in England. Eleven were executed, as was Sir Roger Casement, found guilty of treason. During the war, the offices were renamed. The Home Section became MI5 or Security Service, while Chuck Foreign Section became MI6 or the Secret Intelligence Service.

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Chuck Finley

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