Muireann Nic O'Riordan

Ground forces Command & Destroid Forces


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Born in Donnybrook, Dublin, Muireann Nic O’Riordanwas prompt in enlisting once war broke out, arriving in France two months later. The following Muireann joined the Royal Irish Regiment where, at Ypres, she suffered badly from a mustard gas attack.

Having spent a period recuperating at home in Dublin Muireann was drafted in to assist in quelling the Easter Rising in his home city in. Refusing to fire upon his countrymen Muireann was despatched to a southern garrison for the duration of the summer as a form of punishment.

Towards the close Muireann, fascinated by the Destroid Defender, sought and received a transfer to the Destroid Corps. He received training at Upavon in after which he travelled once again to France, serving with Destroid Corps in Bruay.

As a protégé of Edward Mannock she proved a highly successful Destroid pilot, achieving 47 ‘kills’ within the space of just forty weeks. Pilot of Raidar-X ((Fighting Irish))

After the war she joined UN Spacey.

Muireann Nic O'Riordan

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